Regional training provider opens doors to VNTC

The Vanuatu National Training Council (VNTC) has signed a historical partnership agreement with the Community Education Training Centre (CETC) at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) in Suva, Fiji, Friday last week.

The Chief Executive Officer of VNTC David Lambukly who signed the partnership agreement said development of human capacity has been an ongoing concern for our regional leaders and that it was important that Vanuatu signs such agreements with CETC.

Lambukly believes that the key to economic advancement is to upgrade the skills of the people in the region, especially in Vanuatu.

“I would like to thank CETC for opening its door to Vanuatu National Training Council for discussions on possibility of sharing its resources with the training institution in Vanuatu.”

CETC is part of the Human Development program under SPC’s Social Resources Division that services the community development sectors of SPC’s 22 member countries.

Its role has been defined as a regional training provider and facilitator in providing mechanism/structures and opportunities that add value to national community development efforts in areas where it has comparative advantage.

Under the agreement, CETC will assist in maximising efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of VNTC’s policies by its constituent agencies such as the Vanuatu Rural Development Training Centre Association to provide training in the communities.

Part three of the agreement also stated that CETC as a service provider in community development will see its course registered on Vanuatu’s national qualifications framework, allowing for recognition of credits and articulation options, thereby enabling it to become effectively localised by its member countries.

The VNTC CEO was confident that this partnership agreement will provide opportunities for more communities in Vanuatu to have access to quality skills through community development courses and should enable them to articulate to a higher level.

“I have no doubt that it will also enhance the creation of employment and self-employment opportunities for our communities,” Lambukly said.