New Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs Chairman

The Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs has officially declared its new chairman after their one week meeting in Luganville.
Chief Senimao Tirsupe of North West Santo at Wunon Village has been elected and appointed to take up chair after former Chairman Chief Alguet Gratien resigned from the position.

In his letter, the former chairman did not specify any reason why he was resigning. But Acting CEO for Malvatumauri Alicta Vuti said the council would like to thank the former chairman for the confidence and support during his term.
His resignation was according to division 2, section 6 and Sug section 3 in the Act of chiefs No.23 of 2006.
This states that the chairperson may resign from his or her office by giving a written resignation to the council. The election of the new chairman was done according to division 2, section 6, and Sup section 4 in the Act of chiefs No.23 of 2006.
CEO Vuti praised the former chairman for the approached taken. He said his decision was to protect the integrity of the Republic of Vanuatu. Vuti said the same step taken by the former chairman should be followed by our government leaders throughout the country.
“I am appealing to the government ministers and other political leaders to see the example set.
“If anyone feels embarrassed of anything he did then he should humbly step down as the chairman did.
“Because our leaders are elected by the grassroots who were raised under the chiefly system, such examples should be practiced,” Vuti said.
The meeting went well with the assistance from the Supenataputano’s Council, Tapuemasana Council, Molimaemae Council and the Sanma Provincial support.

During the meeting all chiefs were able to hear and discuss the challenges each island council has been facing. 19 Resolutions were also discussed since they were passed last year on September 2011.
The meeting was opened by the Minister of Justice, Charlot Salwai.
Director General of Justice Mark Bebe and other top government officials were part of the meeting.

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