Indonesia ready to discuss police, para-military training

The Indonesian Ambassador to Vanuatu Primo Joelianto met with Vanuatu Prime Minister Sato Kilman in Port Vila yesterday afternoon.
Ambassador Joelianto confirmed that an Indonesia aircraft is expected to land in Port Vila at 3.30pm today with an ambulance, 100 computers to be used during the ACP –EU Meeting along with two tractors for agricultural use.

In an interview with local media after meeting the Vanuatu Prime Minister, Ambassador Joelinto confirmed to Daily Post that Indonesia will donate to Vanuatu today an ambulance and 100 computers to be used for the preparations and during the ACP-EU Meeting next month.
The Ambulance with 100 computers and two tractors for agricultural usage, are expected to arrive in Port Vila on a direct Indonesia aircraft from Jakarta.
“The plane carrying the equipment is due to arrive in Port Vila at around 3 to 3.30pm tomorrow afternoon (this afternoon) from Jakarta ,” Ambassador Joelianto confirmed to the local media yesterday afternoon after his meeting with the Vanuatu Prime Minister Sato Kilman.
“The assistance we are providing now is to assist the Vanuatu Government with the ACP-EU Meeting in June this year. Two people will be coming to install the equipment and will be here for two weeks before returning to Indonesia,” Ambassador Joelianto told local media. He said the tractors will be used by the Vanuatu Government for agricultural purposes. He also confirmed that Indonesia is geared up to provide a further 98 tractors to be used for agricultural developments in Vanuatu and that these will be coming shortly.

Indonesia Ambassador Joelianto also confirmed to the local media that Jakarata is prepared to consider strengthening of assistance to Vanuatu in the areas of defense cooperation program but that this was not taken up at their meeting with the Prime Minister on this occasion.
“There was discussion on the issue of defense cooperation on this occasion with the Prime Minister of Vanuatu but rather we discuss the issue of Diplomatic passport facilities between the two countries,” he said.

“We are however, ready to discuss the cooperation on police training and para-military training and this is in the pipeline,” the Indonesian Ambassador to Vanuatu based in Canberra Australia Primo Joelianto confirmed to the local media yesterday.
“As you know we have 40 Ni-Vanuatu students now studying in various scholarships in Jakarta and we are preparing to offer more training in the future for the people of Vanuatu,” the Indonesian Ambassador to Vanuatu confirmed.

“We have to build up the people under the development cooperation agreement between our two countries and this important in the development of the country and there many other development areas to look at that Indonesia is prepared to offer to Vanuatu ,” the Indonesia Ambassador to Vanuatu told local reporters.

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