Trans National Crime Alert


The Trans National Crime unit under the Vanuatu Police Force would like to make an alert to the Airlines, Hotels and Casinos owners to be aware of a group of Ghanaians (Africans) who are using credits cards to pay airline tickets. The credit card which they use does not belong to them.
This group of people are travelling around Asia Pacific, and have gone to PNG, Solomon, Fiji and are likely to pass through Vanuatu.
Traffic Accidents
The Delta Shift officers at the front line have arrested a police officer who was under the influence of alcohol and driving the police bus plate number 1108 and has committed an accident at the moorings
The accident occurred at 05.30am and the traffic officer at late shift has attended the scene. Upon arrival at the scene of crime, the officer that caused the accident had already escaped from the scene but the front line officers managed to arrest him and he was taken to the hospital for treatment for his injuries .
Further investigation will be taken.
Another accident which involves a Mitsubishi Padjero registration number G201 and was driven by a police officer who was a security and a common vehicle type Hyundai grace bus registration number B 6145.
The accident occurred at Lini highway next to G Trading at 05:30 am on Sunday 13 May 2012.The report stated that both drivers were under the influence of alcohol causing accident. Both drivers were arrested and detained in police custody.
Further investigation will be conducted.
Family protection unit
The family protection unit officers have attended a crime scene at namba tri in which a man attempted to rape a 37 year old mother who was on her way to work in the morning.
Police is appealing to females to take extra care when travelling to and from work. And also to young girls to be aware of such activities when travelling.
Further investigation will be taken.
Fraud story
Police is appealing to the general public who the female suspect from Hog Harbour Santo who is residing at Club Hippiqué had been deceiving to collect money to make custom medicine or to give a land tittle to come to the police station to launch a complain.
A victim of this case who was employed at the Melanesian Cooperative has come forward to make a complaint in relation to an amount of Vt250,000 which the suspect has taken from her.
On follow up of the suspect , Raymond Paul, she appeared before the magistrate court , yesterday 15th May 2012 at 2pm.

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