Economic Self-Reliance-Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sato Kilman has said it is now time to focus on policies that will change the direction towards economic self-reliance for the whole country.

“Political Independence was achieved 30 years ago and so let us focus and concentrate our efforts on building the economy of the nation,” Kilman said told a crowd of men, women and children who gathered at his nakamal at Salili in Port Vila on Monday, just two hours after defeating the motion of no confidence against him.

He went on to say that the government and the people must rise together to another level of thinking in terms of the economic policies that will change the lives of the people of Vanuatu for the better today and tomorrow.

“This country cannot always rely or depend on Foreign Aid. We have to shift gears in our economic approaches towards becoming self-reliance. The time to do this is now. All our resources are land, sea and we the ni-Vanuatu people ourselves. Let us not underestimate ourselves but rather believe in ourselves and people that we can do it and rise and do it,” the determined Prime Minister Kilman said yesterday.

“While it is true that the geographical physical formation of Vanuatu makes it difficult for the infrastructures it does not alter the fact that the Government must find solutions to those difficulties and come up with practical solutions to develop all land and sea resources we have to advance our economic standards,” he said.

Meanwhile, thePrime Minister told the gathering at Salili that he had intended to spend Lini Day with the Deputy Prime Minister on Pentecost but because of the motion of No Confidence against him that called for parliament to meet on Monday –which was Lini Day, this prevented him from being on North Pentecost.

PM Kilman paid tribute to the Lini families and families of past leaders who were part of the struggle for political Independence on Lini Day on Monday.

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