Head of State shares sympathy with New Zealand earthquake victims

Head of State, Iolu Abbil has shared his heartfelt condolences, on behalf of the Vanuatu Government, as well as the citizens of the Republic of Vanuatu, to the families of the victims of the devastating earthquake which hit Christ Church in New Zealand.

“I take this moment to offer to the Government and people of New Zealand in this particular moment of grief our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims. Our sympathy also extends to the survivors many of whom have lost their homes and their belonging,” President Abbil stated in his official letter to the Governor-General of New Zealand, Anand Satyanand.

“It was with a great sense of loss when we heard of the sudden earthquake tragedy in Christchurch that has claimed the lives of so many New Zealanders”.

He stressed that he is aware of the results of what the natural disaster would do in the lives of the people there.

“We recognize that the disaster will not only leave emptiness in the lives of immediate families of those demise victims but also in the hearts of residents that have particularly made this place their home”.

The President assured New Zealanders that Vanuatu will continue to pray for peace and comfort in the hearts of the Government and the people of New Zealand in this difficult period.