Vanuatu needs Vt22 million in order for the full Vanuatu Sports contingent to attend the upcoming Pacific Games in New Caledonia

Vanuatu needs Vt22 million in order for the full Vanuatu Sports contingent to attend the upcoming Pacific Games in New Caledonia.

“I will ensure this fund is available so all our intended sports men and women to the Games do not miss out,” Minister for Sports and Youth development Mokin Stevens assured.

“We want full participation of Vanuatu in New Caledonia SP Games.”

The Minister made the statement when he presented sets of football uniforms and balls to two clubs representatives from Pentecost and Malekula.
Minister Stevens said it has taken a little bit longer to have the full sets of uniforms eventually donated to these two clubs because they had to be ordered overseas.

The Sports Minister Stevens revealed that shortly all football clubs in Vanuatu will have the names and numbers of players printed on their shirts.
“We cannot remain un-professional. We have to continue to develop our players not only in skills but also through individual image. It is a sense of pride that lifted the moral of a player and drive him forward,” Minister Stevens said.

The Sports minister said the football uniforms presented to you today are of high quality and this is important because the quality of sports gear and uniforms must be reflected in the different sports disciplines.

“We cannot remain behind the rest of the world simply because we may not have enough funds to drive us forward,” said minister Steven.
“And I assure all present and future sports men and women in Vanuatu that as long as I am Minister of Sports and Youth development I will strive for quality in sports and in uniforms and gears.”

Minister Stevens expressed his disappointment that his Ministry receives a mere allocation of Vt9 Million as its annual budget to cover all Sports activities throughout the whole country.

However, this will not stop him from finding other ways to pump in the funds he needs to implement sports and youth development policies in the Ministry he shouldered.

“I have already donated sports uniforms and gears to the islands of Ambae, Santo, Efate, Tanna, Paama, Pentecost and intend to cover the whole country before the end of 2011,” he said.

His advice to the young people of Vanuatu is: “I urge you to stop smoking, kava, alcohol and marijuana. A healthy nation is a direct result of healthy people. So stay away from smoking, kava, alcohol, and marijuana .It will only create problems in your life.”