Port Vila Municipality (PVM) is undergoing a major facelift

Port Vila Municipality (PVM) is undergoing a major facelift as it braces itself to host the country’s biggest international event ever, the ACP/EU meeting this June.

With less than three more months before the Town welcomes worldwide participating dignitaries, preparations have kick-started. Community groups are recruited and can been seen cutting down bushes and pulling weeds alongside foots paths all around town even to the residential areas.

Port Vila Town Clerk, Johnny Botleng confirmed that the Vt3 million plus initiative includes beautification of the Municipality and aims to put on a clean image for Port Vila which use to be one of the cleanest towns in the region.

The initiative of the new Port Vila Town Administration is not only the preparation for the ACP/EU but is also in according to the theme for this year ‘Clean the World’.

According to Mr Botleng, getting communities involved in the project is also a way to give back to the community and also the feeling of ownership. He said the PVM will continue to maintain the cleanliness which will portray that Vanuatu is one of the happiest places on earth.

The Port Vila Town Clerk said the initiative was solely funded from the PVM budget specifically from the expenditure that used to be spend on the suspended council. But he said they are still waiting for assistance from the Government.

“After the clean grass and flowers will be planned as a beautification effort,” said Town Clerk Botleng.

He appeals to property owners to carry on where the PVMC left and continue maintaining their properties especially keeping the edges trimmed and grasses short.

Botleng also calls on business houses to support the initiative by to washing and painting their buildings.


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