Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Effective public and private sector organizations establish and communicate their purpose and direction by clearly describing and committing themselves to vision and mission statements.  These statements provide a short explanation of the aim and primary role of an organisation.

Being an efficient public service organization, we are proud to formally publicize our vision and mission, which are as follows:



Vanuatu is recognized and respected by the global community


“To advance the interests of the people of Vanuatu”
“To safeguard the sovereignty of Vanuatu”
“To foster and promote positive engagement with the international community”


“We take pride in our Christian Values”
“We treasure our Melanesian Heritage and respect the cultural diversity of our country”
“We uphold the principles of Transparency, Integrity, Accountability and Rule of Law”
“We strive for quality Leadership and Customer services”
“We promote Equity and Fairness”



Key Result Areas
(Expected Results/Output)

Key Performance Indicators (Outcome)

1. To project a positive image of Vanuatu     internationally and to maintain healthy relations







Establish a clear Vanuatu Foreign Policy


Vanuatu meets its international obligations


Improve and expand relations





Accede to relevant bilateral and multilateral conventions

National consultations completed


Adherence to international commitments


Enhance bilateral and multilateral cooperation





Compliance with bilateral and multilateral obligations

A coherent National Foreign Policy framework in place


Positive annual  reporting Indicators


Establishment of diplomatic relations with countries of strategic interest

Expansion of Diplomatic and Consular representation abroad


Ratification of relevant bilateral and multilateral conventions

2. To have an Ethical, Professional and Responsive High Performing Ministry


Develop a Human Resource Development Plan



Institutional strengthening of Diplomatic service

Effective planning and  management of Human Resource Personnel within the Ministry

Policy and Legislative review in Diplomatic service

Establishment of a Human Resource Development Plan



Career advancement through the establishment of the MOFA  Staff Attachment Program  with diplomatic and consular missions

3. Creating opportunities through development cooperation initiatives

Negotiate cooperation agreements with  development partners


Mutually  beneficial relationships are enhanced


Formalization of development cooperation agreements in line with the PAA /PLAS



4. Provide efficient consular assistance to ni-Vanuatu travelling or residing overseas

Develop  a National Consular Policy framework


Undertake consultations with relevant line agencies

Harmonized system in place

5. Demarcation of Vanuatu’s Maritime Boundaries


Maintain consistent dialogue with neighboring countries


Prepare legal and technical components for the Continental Shelf


Implement decisions of National Committee on Maritime Boundary Delimitation

Undertake effective negotiations


Collaboration  with neighboring countries and International Geosciences Organizations

Collaborate closely with UN agencies and International Organizations

Ratification of Treaties on Vanuatu’s Delimitation  Maritime boundaries

Submission of Vanuatu’s Continental Shelf by 2012



Full determination of Vanuatu’s  sovereign territory


Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

The core functions of the Department of Foreign Affairs are to:

  • Provide policy advice and reporting on Vanuatu’s strategic interests with the international community.
  • Facilitate and provide protocol and diplomatic services to foreign dignitaries, including both resident and visiting missions.

It undertakes these core functions by:


  1. Managing and maintaining friendly relations with bilateral/multilateral partners.
  2. Advancing the national interests with international/regional organizations and institutions
  3. Providing protocol and consular assistance to Ni-Vanuatu citizens either traveling on official businesses or residing overseas.
  4. Provide advice on delimitation of Vanuatu’s maritime boundaries.

Department of External Trade

Advising the Government on political and trade relations at the international arena and maintain Trade relations on;

  • Bilateral and
  • Multilateral
  • To facilitate the implementation, administration and operation, and further the objectives, of these trade agreements and provide the framework for the implementation, administration and operation of Plurilateral Trade Agreements
  • Administer the negotiation team among the National stakeholders concerning these trade relations in matters dealt with under the agreements specified
  • Administer the understanding on the rules and procedures governing settlement of trade dispute
  • Administer the trade policy review mechanism

Undertaking these with a view for Vanuatu to achieving greater coherence and benefits in global economic policy-making.  

Author: Administrator